Cloud Based Business Phone Systems

One of the more intriguing technology advancements over the last couple of years is the talk of virtualization and the cloud.  What at one time was a significant cost for enterprise-only level infrastructure has no become a significant cost-effective and technology efficient way of handling your communications infrastructure.  Companies of all sizes are now exploring options on moving their most vital communication peripherals to private cloud servers.  Unlike traditional communication necessities such as servers being a heavy upfront cost, cloud based VoIP services are flexible and are great for growing businesses who at times experience steady growth or perhaps seasonal spikes.  Furthermore, it immediately expands the capabilities of remote collaboration.  With a cloud based phone system, agents can be given the ability to call from anywhere that an internet connection exists from the company phone number or extension.  To learn more, visit our cloud-based VoIP page or contact an agent at Anchor Telcom today. 401-792-8001

Traditional Business Phone Systems

Many businesses are still utilizing traditional business phone systems and prefer it as long as it is economically efficient. Depending on your current or future networking infrastructure, it may make the most sense to continue using a traditional business phone system. Technically called an analog phone system, these systems provide features such as call forwarding, voicemail, conference calling, call transfers, and many other features.

As a communication services leader in the Rhode Island area, Anchor Telcom llc has provided service and products for the commercial communications industry since 1997. While technology continues to change rapidly, the overall concept of a highly successful networking infrastructure has remained the same. Anchor Telcom's Systems has continued to provide that high level of successful communication system and infrastructure while guiding small businesses and corporations alike into the latest dynamic technologies that have reshaped how we communicate. The vast experience of Anchor Telcom makes us the top source for companies both locally in Rhode Island as well as nationally from coast to coast.