This is a real life cost comparison between Cox and Anchor Telecom, Inc. This is  a busy Insurance Company with 12 Phones. This is their most recent Cox bill which they have been paying for the last ten years. 

On this comparison we will still need to keep Internet with Cox or switch to Verizon Fios for a 75/75 fiber optic connection for around $125 a month. (your choice)

VoIP phones require a robust, stable internet connection.

Let's do the math with Cox !!

INTERNET CHARGES                     $102.00     Speed = 60X15 Mbps

TELEPHONE                                    $331.50

TELEPHONE USAGE                       $55.38

TAXES, FEES, SURCHARGE          $230.29   


GRAND TOTAL                                $719.36      OMG !!!

               That's  $8,632 a year and $43,161 after 5 years !

​Let's do the math with Anchor !!

We still need the Internet and it should be minimal 75/75 speed with Cox or Verizon.

INTERNET CHARGE                        $125        Speed = 75/75 bps

TELEPHONE                                     $300    Unlimited dialing in US

TELEPHONE USAGE                        $0

TAXES,FEES & e911                         $42.26


GRAND TOTAL                                   $467.26       OH YES !!!!

That's saving $252.10 a month, $3,025.20 a year and $15,260 over 5 years !!

Kind of a no-brainer if you ask me !! 


In the first ten months what this customer will save with switching to Anchor will actually pay for the brand new Grandstream Phone equipment.

They will own the phones. 

There is no ridiculous  lease (fleese) they have to sign up for. There is no 3-5 year contract they have to enter into in order to use their phones. 

​​​Ok Let's Get to where the Rubber meets the Road !!